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ATM Merchant Services

 ATM Merchant Services is a full service ATM company in Houston providing ATM sales, ATM service, ATM processing and free ATM placement with revenue sharing locally and nationwide.  We service all needs concerning ATMs from purchasing or leasing an ATM machine, to installing it and processing the transactions.  At ATM Merchant Services we have a track record of customer service and satisfaction. We are known for better revenue streams, ATM performance, and reporting of your ATM's transactions.  Would you like a free ATM for your business?  ATM Merchant Services can provide full service ATM placement and service anywhere in the US. We can do this because of our volume purchasing power, cash vaulting, local techs and ever expanding footprint in the industry. 

We also handle special events that require a mobile ATM or multiple ATM Machines.  With our wireless 4G ethernet enabled ATM's,  all transactions are processed at the speed that you would get with a direct line to a broadband connection.  This is secured by a closed network that keeps your guests information safe.  Contact us now for your upcoming events.  Please allow at least two weeks before your needs.  Some events will require a deposit before we can place it on our schedule.

We provide the latest technology from all the manufacturers such as Hyosung, Genmega, Hantle and Triton and keep your ATM's up to date with all of the latest software and hardware available. Our preferred models are manufactured by Hyosung and Genmega.

Give us a call today and we will talk with you to determine what your needs are and find the right solution. We will then assist you in getting set up with a new ATM or Credit Card machine at your location.  Our programs include free placement with full service, ATM sales, leasing, cash management and our 50/50 split program where we provide the ATM and you load the cash.


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